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About Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader is an electronic reading program with the dual goal of motivating the reading of quality fiction and nonfiction books and improving reading comprehension among our students. Students are encouraged to select and read library or personal books at their reading level from our Accelerated Reader list and take tests on these books when they are ready. The program scores the tests, assigns individual points to the student according to the reading level of the book, and shows the student the items missed on the test for immediate feedback. Teachers are able to generate various reports on their students to monitor their reading progress. These reports will used during parent-teacher-student conferences to inform parents on their children's reading progress.

Students take pride in their reading accomplishments and are thus motivated to experience many classic, award-winning, or simple good children's books for themselves which they might not otherwise come to know.


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Individual Goals and Incentives

Student Reaches His/Her Personal Goals

*Counted as a reading "test" grade

*Student is entered into a drawing for a free book of his/her choice from our next book club order

*Student's name is posted on our class Website

30 Points +

*Student receives special mention on our class Website in addition to the personal goal incentives

Top Readers in 5th Grade

*Receive special award at the end of the year


Class Incentives

If Everyone in the Class Reaches His/Her Goal for the Quarter
A free recess!!
1400 Points Earned by the Fifth Grade
A Reading Party!
100% Participation A free recess and a Reading Party!

Fifth Grade Point Club

Point Club Level
Point Club Level
Emma   Annie  
Victoria   Wyatt  
Cael   Megan  
Nick   Connor  
Amber   Justin  
Elaina   Kaitlyn  
    total class points  

Star Readers (Met or exceeded his/her personal goal!)

Reached his/her goal (points, 85% average or better.)

Earned at least 30 (points with 85% average or better.)

Earned at least 60 (points with 85% average or better.)

Earned at least 90 (points with 85% average or better.)


Quarter 1


Quarter 2


Quarter 3


Quarter 4