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Homework Policy

While your child is in fifth grade they will be expected to complete homework assignments on time.  Homework will include:  reading, spelling, math, science, social studies and religion assignments and projects.  I will EXPECT that ALL assignments WILL BE turned in one time.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.


1.  All assignments are to be turned in on the due date.

2.  If the assignment(s) is/are not turned in on the due date, the student will have one day to turn the work into Mrs. Gregoire.  They will receive  10% (one letter grade) off on late assignments.

3.  If the late assignment is not turned in the following day (1 day late), they will have one more chance to turn it in two (2) days late, and they will receive 20% (two letter grades) off on the late assignment.

4.  If the late assignment is not turned in by the second day late, the assignment receives a zero (0), and the student will not be given another opportunity to turn in the late assignment.

5.  Parents will be made aware of the late assignment by receiving a Missing Assignment Slip.  The slip must be returned to Mrs. Gregoire by the following day, or the student will lose recess.

6.  Once a student has accumulated three (3) missing assignments in one (1) week, he/she will lose all recess on that Friday.  During this time, the student will work on any assignments that have not been completed (regardless if they receive a grade on the assignment or not).

7.  If your child is sick, they will have the same number of days to make-up their work that they were sick (example:  2 days sick = 2 days to make-up work).  If the work is not turned in after that time period, the homework policy goes into effect.